• Q. How to order a VTC Anahna?

    How do I request a ride?

    To request a VTC Anahna, follow these steps:-when you open the app, tap "Where to", the app will set your pick up location via GPS;
    -if you need to change location, enter your exact pick up location.
    You can also enter your destination here;-choose "the type of vehicle".
    If you receive the message "No car available", please wait a few minutes and try again.

  • Q. How are the rates calculated?

    The price of the Anahna VTC journey is calculated according to the sum of the price per kilometer and per minute of journey. By entering the pickup location and your destination in the app, you can see the approximate fare for the ride at the bottom of the screen.

  • Q. Can I take a trip out of town?

    You can ask the driver, but it's up to him to accept or not. Anahna provides transportation around town, but drivers will certainly take you up to 5km outside of town

  • Q. Can I pay in cash?

    Yes you can.

  • Q. How to become an Anahna driver?

    To become a driver-partner, please register via the Provider application

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With several on-demand services such as meal delivery, find a VTC, have your car washed, package delivery. Anahna is a multitude of services in a single App.

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